The Best Source for Butcher Block Countertops

CherryCountertopWhenever you’re making changes to your house, there are numerous affairs you’ll have to take into account. Among the countless matters you may contemplate is the appearance of butcher block countertops which you install in your house. This is determined by the type of wood that you install in your kitchen. By taking your time, you may have the ability to decide on the right top to it with the smallest number of disadvantages.

The best source for butcher block countertops:

Great Appearing Tops

One other good method to receive the best butcher block countertops would be to get the look that is proper. Many will select versions that are installed in an island made from stainless steel. The professional appearance of these versions will let you get the precise look that you’re going for in your kitchen. Naturally, it is also possible to make it where the counter is the entire counter. This can produce a unified appearance that’s not easy to overcome. It is also possible to pick tops by the color they are. This can help match the remainder of your kitchen.

Selecting by Name

There are a number of excellent, seeming chopping block countertops which can help you to get the outcomes that you’re seeking. These blocks range within their capability to give you a long-lasting countertop to those which is going to be the ideal size as well as endurance. It’s vital that you purchase from such well known makers as Cecilia and John Boos. You’ll find that these names are synonymous with quality that’s how they could become well known in the very first place. Obviously, it follows the amount of cash you spend can help you to really have a block which continues you for decades to come.

Getting to Know Your Choices

It’s additionally important to be sure you’re purchasing the models that will give you all the choices you’re looking for. It will not mean they can’t be on a handcart, simply because you want to find fantastic seeming walnut butcher block countertops. This can help you to have an added chopping block in your house. It’s going to give you added counter space when not used to cut food. It is also possible to select different types of wood is walnut really isn’t the model you want to get.

Kitchen tile another major addition to kitchen decor. The vast variety of options these days in patterns and design, make it simple to locate a suitable tile for virtually any taste, in just about any scenario. Ceramic tile is the perfect substance to clean up spills, and is strong and lovely. A new style kitchen tiles are mosaic tiles. Rock kind is the ideal option if you want to develop a unique, lovely kitchen flooring. Using rock tiles in the kitchen is fine, but keep in mind that these ceramic tiles are cut from the boulders and they’re all not the same contour. In kitchens the good looking and most lasting flooring is the ceramic tiles. Using the ceramic tiles in the kitchen is an excellent thought, the ceramic tiles are permanent and they look excellent in a kitchen. Cosmetic kitchen tile could be utilized in innumerable variety of methods in a tiled space.

Tips worth considering while thinking about a kitchen island for your kitchen

Kitchen islands are very popular amongst homemakers as it is a meal preparation space that also doubles as a place to have a quick bite. They come in various sizes, shapes and designs and are usually placed in the middle of the kitchen for easy access from all sides.

Thinking about a kitchen island for your kitchen not only provides extra space in your kitchen, it also gives you a comfortable place for preparing meals. However there are some points to consider if you are thinking of installing a kitchen stand.

Sufficient clearance space

First of all, you have to ensure that there is sufficient clearance space for the kitchen island in your kitchen. If it is small in size and simple in design, you don’t actually require much clearance. Generally, you require a minimum of 36 inches of walking space around the island.

The more there is the better it is as it facilitates easy movement around the kitchen and makes it easy to open cabinets and use appliances. This is important as it is annoying bumping into things while working. Moreover, smaller kitchen islands give your kitchen the appearance you desire without much hassle.

Place to do homework

If you have extra space, you could consider buying a bigger kitchen island that comes with more cabinets and perhaps additional features like an attached sink. These kitchen islands also come with sufficient space to place a toaster or microwave and other similar features and capabilities.

Not only can you use these kitchen islands for preparing and eating food, many mothers also use it as a place for their kids to do their homework while they keep an eye on them. In case your kitchen is not large enough to hold a kitchen island, you could consider using a portable butcher block or a kitchen cart that gives you better kitchen space in your small kitchen.

Proper ventilation and maintenance

Besides the size of the kitchen island, if you are thinking about a kitchen island for your kitchen, do remember to place emphasis on proper ventilation. This means you have to ensure you have a ventilation hood installed to get rid of all your cooking smoke and odors within a few minutes’ time. You could also install a small ventilation fan instead of the ventilation hood for throwing away all the excess odors and smoke circulating in the kitchen.

Some kitchens are designed or rather shaped in such a way that it is difficult to actually install a kitchen island. The only thing to do in such situations is look for a smaller or different shaped kitchen island or renovate your kitchen to accommodate the kitchen island. Of course, this may not be feasible for everyone.

Do remember that if you are thinking about a kitchen island for your kitchen, it entails additional maintenance and cleaning commitment from your side. You have to take care of its countertop and ensure its cabinets and other structures are always maintained well. If you find it difficult just maintaining your kitchen, it may not be suggestible or advised to have a kitchen island installed.

Take a look at the video I posted below it will certainly help you in the decision-making process.

Why You Need To Go For Butcher Block Countertops

The kitchen is one of the fundamental parts of the house. However, there comes a time when it becomes old and renovation is the only way through which you can restore the kitchen. The type of countertop material you use is very significant and can determine the end results of your renovation process. Butcher block countertops are great for your kitchen if you desire remarkable results in your renovation. The beautiful warmth and other amazing advantages of this countertop make it one of the best for construction and renovation purposes.

This type of countertop is considered to be not only durable but also stronger. For homeowners who want to fundamentally change their kitchen and make it an extraordinary place for cooking, these are the right type of countertops to use. Yet on the face of it, they are also economic and homeowners can buy the appropriate pieces of wood and do the installation process themselves. Another great advantage is the fact that treatment is not needed frequently in order to maintain the countertops. These countertops are simply stunning and amazing. You only require mineral oil to maintain them and the countertop will stand out to remain shining year after year. It has also been established that when dishes drop on this countertop, the chances of not breaking are very high.

Butcher Block Countertops are great for your kitchen because they can create a premium look and improve the appearance of the kitchen. One does not have to spend a lot of money on expensive solid surface countertops in order to achieve the right appearance. At a very low cost, it will be possible to achieve a cottage casual appearance and make the kitchen an exciting place to prepare meals. In essence, butcher block countertops are simply practical and can be used on any size of kitchen.

Of great significance is the fact that these countertops are easy to clean. You only need soap and clean water to ensure that the countertop is always kept clean. It is also recommended to carry out periodic oiling and this can be achieved by using mineral oil. Far from that, the countertop is great and appropriate for the kitchen because it can be easily repaired if it gets damaged. This completely minimizes the need or reinstallation thus saving homeowners huge sums of money. If there are any scratches, you only have to sand them. The same scratches and other cracks can also rectified by burning and application of mineral oil.

Butcher block countertops can maintain the same appearance even if they stay for long. Home kitchen and restaurants that have these countertops still look great even if the installation was done decades ago. As long as the right care is observed, the countertops will remain amazing for many years. If you are looking for countertops that can resist knives, hot pans and any other sharp item that may be tossed on them, the butcher block countertop is arguably the best. They produce the best results whether they are used in home kitchen or in commercial restaurants.

I posted a video below, this company really provides a wonderful description of butcher block in general so it’s a must see!


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